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2×3 Firewood Shed Plan

  • Uses: Firewood storage
  • Capacity: 0.15 cord
  • Complete hardware and materials list
  • Shopping list
  • Complete lumberyard cut list
  • Easy step-by-step instructions for beginners
  • Accurate blueprints with easy-read measurements
  • Colorful diagrams to check your progress
  • Printable plans for easy reference


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2x3 Firewood Shed Overview

If you use firewood extensively in your household, you need a woodshed to store every last branch, log, or piece of kindling dry and ready for when needed. This 2 x 3 firewood shed blends sturdy construction and design to offer a facility where you can neatly organize your firewood, keep them out of sight, and, most importantly, protect them from the elements.

Without taking much space, the shade offers room for up to 0.15 cords of firewood. It is set on a reinforced platform, so holding firewood to the brim won’t compromise its structural integrity. Overall, it is ideal for homeowners who need to store just enough firewood for the fireplace in winter.

The shed is designed with firewood seasoning in mind. Its sides are wooden, and the front wall is left open, enhancing exposure to light and air, cultivating ideal conditions for drying.

You can also use the shed to keep your gardening tools and rest assured that they will remain in good condition year-round.

The shed is outfitted with a lean-to roof that allows water to run off, safeguarding your firewood and ensuring the shed’s structural integrity. You can paint or stain to further protect the wooden siding walls from lousy weather and elements.

Why Homeowners Should Build a 2x3 Firewood Shed


DIY and Save Up to $200

According to the Associated General Contractors of America (ACG), the average cost can range between $15 to $30 per square foot saved on hiring a professional contractor to build a 2x3 firewood shed vs doing it yourself (DIY).


6 sq. ft. Extra Space Where You Need it

Although the construction and design of a 2x3 firewood shed can be customized, the size of the structure makes it easy and light enough for two adults to safely relocate or the use of a dolly with straps can make this job a breeze.


Increase Property Value

Adding a new 2x3 firewood shed can enhance your landscaping and adds property value to your home. Depending on the finishes or custom trim packages readily available at most DIY firewood shed providers, can increase or slightly hold its value on future property tax assessments.

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2x3 firewood shed facts and figures

2x3 firewood shed
2' W x 3' L x 6' 7" H
Materials Cost:
$17-$24 per square foot
Plywood sheathing, wood siding boards, asphalt shingles
Roof type:
0.15 cord
Instant PDF download
Plywood sheathing
Choice of paint or stain

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A nice set of plans to give us an idea… A nice set of plans to give us an idea of what it costs to build on site vs buying a prefab structure, and the quality differences between them. This set of plans is "bomb proof" according to my local lumberyard guy. 2x6 joists on 12" centers, compared to 2x4s on 24" centers for the prefab models. A real foundation, not just some 4x4 skids. It looks like a major amount of work, but the result could be a really nice garden shed sturdy enough to house our commercial-grade chipper as well as the big mower.
Getting my plans was so easy. Getting my plans was so easy, I picked the plan I wanted I paid for it I downloaded it instantly.
James Isbrandt
James Isbrandt
The price for plans is way too high The price for plans is way too high, but the plans are fairly decent. You DO have to know a little something about construction and adjustments of measurements, but for the most part, not too bad.
Excellent detail of materials list and… Excellent detail of materials list and constructions specifications
Rey davis
Rey davis
Excellent Excellent plans and customer support
Chad Davis
Chad Davis
Concise and Detailed The plans were concise and contained everything I needed. The images were extremely helpful as well as the cut list.
A little hard to follow in some places A little hard to follow in some places
A+++++++++++ A+++++++++++
John Turgeon
John Turgeon
The plans are missing a critical step The plans were missing a critical step, and my original message to Shedplans wasn't received. I received a message from them after posting my problem here, and they subsequently sent me the revised instructions. Very grateful for their follow-up. Now if lumber prices would just return to normal....
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