Garage Shed Plans

Garage sheds are a practical way to keep all of your big items secure for the long term, and you save big bucks when you build your own garage shed. Our detailed shed designs feature wooden construction for increased strength and durability. Building a garage shed by yourself is a satisfying project that helps you save money, add value to your property, and experience the joy of showing off your handiwork for years to come.

12x16 garage shed product
12×16 Garage shed plan
16x24 garage shed plan
16×24 Garage shed plan
12x20 garage shed plan
12×20 Garage shed plan
24x24 garage shed product
24×24 Garage shed plan
16x20 garage shed plan
16×20 Garage shed plan
12x24 garage shed plan
12×24 Garage shed plan
30×40 Garage shed plan


The Benefits of Building a Garage Shed

Building a garage shed is something you’ll be thrilled you did when the project is completed. This type of shed has so many great benefits. 

It’s Not as Hard as You Think 

A lot of people are concerned that building their own garage shed will be too difficult. But we want you to know that it’s not as hard as you might think. Your shed will have a very simple foundation, and with the right shed plan, you’ll be able to build it all on your own. 

Garage Sheds Have Multiple Uses

Please don’t think that just because you’re building a garage shed, that means it has to be used as a garage. Your shed could have a lot of different uses, and its functionality could even change as the years go by. For example, you might use it as a garage in the near future. But eventually, you might want to use it as: 

  • A clubhouse for your kids. 
  • A home office. 
  • A work room. 
  • A music or dance studio. 
  • A guest house. 
  • Storage space for a boat, 4-wheeler or another vehicle. 

You’ll Add More Storage to Your Home

If your home is like most, finding storage space is often a problem. Maybe you’re using your basement or a temporary storage shed to store your lawn equipment and other supplies. A garage shed could be exactly what you’re looking for to – finally – get everything organized and in its place. 

You Can Choose From Many Different Styles

Your garage shed doesn’t have to be basic by any means. Because you’re building it yourself, you can choose any style you prefer. A lot of homeowners want their sheds to match their homes, which looks wonderful, and it can be a great selling point if you ever decide to sell your house. 

Your Car Will be Protected From the Elements

How many times have you walked out to your car only to find that you left your windows rolled down and it rained last night? What about clearing snow off your car when you’re already running late for work in the morning? Your garage shed will save you from the elements so that every morning, your car will be warm and dry. 

Building a Garage Shed is More Cost Efficient

Perhaps a garage has always been on your wish list, but it’s not just something you’ve ever gotten around to doing. You’re not alone. But if you were to hire a contractor to build a garage for you, you could be paying tens of thousands of dollars. 

Building your own garage shed will save you on the cost of labor, and there may be other savings as well. Not to mention that you will also be adding value to your property in the process. 

Choose the Perfect Garage Shed Plan Today

As you can see, we have many options for garage shed plans. There’s no reason to put off your build any longer. We’d love to hear how it turned out!