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Lean-to-sheds are one of the simplest types of DIY sheds. With a single-pitched roof, this is a cost-effective solution for those who are looking for additional storage or extra backyard space. The open side is positioned away from the elements such as wind and rain to offer maximum protection for the possessions stored within. Browse our selection of lean-to-shed plans and get the extra storage you need!


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10x10 office shed plan
10×10 Office Shed Plan

10x12 lean to office shed plan
10×12 Office Shed Plan

12x14 garden shed plan
12×14 Garden shed plan

12x14 storage shed plan
12×14 Storage shed plan

12x16 garden shed plan
12×16 Garden shed plan

12x16 storage shed plan
12×16 Storage shed plan

12x18 garden shed plan
12×18 Garden shed plan

12x24 garden shed plan
12×24 Garden shed plan

12x24 storage shed plan
12×24 Storage shed plan

12x6 garden shed plan
12×6 Office shed plan

14x14 garden shed plan
14×14 Garden shed plan

14x16 lean to garden shed plan
14×16 Garden shed plan

14x16 storage shed plan
14×16 Storage shed plan

14x20 garden shed plan
14×20 Garden shed plan

14x20 storage shed plan
14×20 Storage shed plan

14x8 garden shed plan
14×8 Garden shed plan

4x6 storage shed product box
4×6 Lean to storage shed plan

4x8 storage shed plan
4×8 Storage shed plan

6x10 storage shed plan
6×10 Storage shed plan

6x8 storage shed product box
6×8 Lean to storage shed plan

8x12 office shed
8×12 Office Shed Plan

8x16 garden shed plan
8×16 Garden shed plan

8x16 storage shed plan
8×16 Storage shed plan



The Benefits of Building a Lean-To Shed

While there are many different types of sheds for you to choose from, opting to build a lean-to shed is a great decision. Not only is this type of building practical, but it also has a lot of great benefits for you to enjoy. 

Add Skylights or Solar Panels

A lot of people don’t realize how much they can actually do with their sheds. If you’ve chosen one of our lean-to shed plans, you’ll love the large flat roof it will have. It gives you plenty of room to add skylights or solar panels to your shed, if you choose. 

Blend in With Your Home

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and a lot of homeowners want to build sheds that will blend in seamlessly with the look of their homes. A lean-to shed will give you that clean, contemporary, minimalist look that you want. Regardless of what your home’s architectural style is, it will blend in perfectly. 

Great for Areas With High Precipitation

If you live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation, you’ll want to choose a shed that has a roof with a bit of a pitch to it. A lean-to is a great option because its roof will be much better at shedding rain and snow than a more horizontal roof. You’d be amazed at how quickly water can damage a shed when the roof doesn’t shed water properly. Simply by choosing a lean-to, you’ll save yourself a lot of money on maintenance and upkeep. 

Extremely Cost Effective

If you are planning to build a shed with a tight budget, a lean-to storage shed should definitely be a consideration. Once you take a look at our lean-to shed plans, you’ll notice how much more cost effective it is to build this type of shed. This is because it uses fewer materials than other designs. We’ll also help you build it right the first time, so you’ll save money in the future on rebuilding and maintenance. 

Perfect for Smaller Spaces

Maybe you only have a small place to build your shed, or perhaps you just want your shed to be out of the way, and not necessarily the focal point of your back yard. If either of those is the case, a lean-to shed offers you many advantages. Our shed plans come in a variety of sizes, so it can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Also, a lean-to is ideal for building against the side of an existing building like your house or your garage. It will be out of the way, yet it will remain functional and accessible.

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Any of the plans above will meet your needs! We’d love to hear how your shed turned out.

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