DIY Plans for Office, Studio and She Sheds

Office sheds are a great way to be at home and have your own space to get your work done. We designed these plans with an office in mind, but they can also be used for a backyard studio or man cave shed. Save money and start building yours today.

10x12 lean to office shed plan
10×12 Office Shed Plan
10x12 office shed plan
10×12 Office Shed Plan
10x10 office shed plan product
10×10 Office Shed Plan
10x12 garden shed plan
10×12 Garden shed plan
12x6 garden shed plan
12×6 Office shed plan
10x10 garden shed plan
10×10 Garden shed plan
10x14 garden shed plan
10×14 Garden shed plan
20x10 Garden shed plan
20×10 Garden shed plan
8x12 garden shed plan
8×12 Garden shed plan
12x12 garden shed plan
12×12 Garden shed plan
8x10 garden shed plan
8×10 Garden shed plan
8x10 office shed plans product
8×10 Office Shed Plan
12x14 gable garden shed plans product
12×14 Gable garden shed plan
8x12 office shed
8×12 Office Shed Plan
8x8 garden shed plan
8×8 Garden shed plan


Office Shed Benefits

There are many good reasons beyond having your own space to build an office shed. After hearing these benefits, you’ll want to pick out your office shed plan and get started on your backyard office. 

No Commute

This seems like an obvious benefit, but it should not be passed by. Even if your company is only 15 minutes away, the round-trip commute is 30 minutes. Twice a day, five days a week is 5 hours in the car. And most people commute longer than that. That is more time you can spend with your family or getting that work project done. It also saves you money in gas, a bonus everyone wants.

Climate Controlled—By You

When you share office space with other people, someone else usually controls the thermostat. This is not going to make everyone happy. Some are too hot, some are too cold. However, when you build your own shed, you are the one in control. You can insulate it as much or as little as you’d like. You can add multiple windows, an air conditioning unit, and a heater. You can change the temperature in your office space every day as you need it to change and no one else will complain about it!

Your Work and Home Life Can Still Be Separate

When you work from home, it can be hard to leave to the “end of the day”. You might continue working because it’s there and you have to finish just one last thing. On the other hand, it might be difficult to get things done because of the distractions of being at home. Those could include kids, pets, or the things you enjoy about your house. With an office shed, you can work quietly and then close the door, leave work out there and go back to your house and enjoy it again. 

Financial Benefits of Office Sheds

Any home renovation or addition will add value to your home. An office shed is no exception. Building an office shed can add up to 5-7% more value. This would depend on the size and design of your shed. The uses for these sheds can offer big appeal if you’re looking to sell your house down the road.

More Cost-Effective Than a Rental Space

Many people consider renting office space, but the costs for this can add up. You would pay rent and utilities, along with other incidentals. Building your office shed can be more of an upfront lump sum but will save you in the long run. It will last you for years, you will not have nearly as many monthly costs as renting a space- and it’s in your backyard!

You Can Rent it Out Down the Road

When the day comes that you no longer need that office space, you can rent your office shed out to someone else who does need it. Or, you could rent it as a living space. Backyard offices are not considered tiny homes and won’t have the same restrictions as a traditional tiny home will. These ideas could earn you extra income for your household.

Get Your Office Shed Plan and Start Building Today

There are many benefits to having your office in your backyard. Find out how you can start building yours today!