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Explore these popular DIY shed plans to budget for materials and learn about the tools and steps required to build a durable wooden shed.

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Think you can't build a shed? Think again! Industry expert Joseph Truini will answer all your questions on how to build a shed. Get started with cost to build a shed guide.

shed permits

Get a shed permit

It all starts with the shed building permits. Learn essentials and where to find official information.


Select a location

Choosing the right site for your shed is the key to success. We'll talk you through finding a smart spot with good drainage and easy access.


Build a foundation

A sturdy foundation keeps your shed level and protects it from groundwater and insect damage. We explain concrete footers, sill plates, and more.


Assemble the floor

Next, it's time to add joists and a subfloor to support the shed and provide a solid surface for your storage area.

shed wall framing

Frame the walls

Your shed really starts to take shape when you frame and raise the walls. During this step, you'll also create openings for the doors and windows.


Frame the roof

A solid roof helps shed away water and keeps the interior of your shed nice and dry. Angles rafters support the sheathing materials and tie to the framed walls.


Install siding

With the skeleton of your shed in place, it's time to cover walls with sheathing and add an attractive siding of your choice to make it weather-tight.


Organize your shed

Adding doors, windows, and other exterior touches is the fun part. Customize it further with interior elements such as shelve, tool racks, etc.

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