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16 deck plans for your shed

  • 16 different size deck plans
  • Fully compatible with your shed
  • Hardware & Shopping list
  • Framing plans
  • Front and side elevations
  • Easy step-by-step instructions

Bonus: Instructions for installing deck lighting


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One Plan 16 Different Size Choices

If you are looking to build a deck outside an outbuilding or house, there is no substitute for a good set of plans for your deck project. From small to extra-large plans, we offer a variety of deck plans for every type of configuration. Whether you are a beginner ready to try your skills or a savvy DIYer with handy skills, these deck plans are designed to be easy to follow and perfectly suited for all skill levels. Each plan comes with lists of materials, tools, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.deck for shed

Up to 100% Additional Outdoor Storage Space

The uses of a deck right at your convenience are endless. Decks are often seen as a place for entertaining, but one of the best-kept secrets about decks is that they deliver an additional outdoor storage space. This makes them an excellent extension of any garden or garage shed if you have a lot of stuff that you want to take outside your house.

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