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Bike sheds are a stylish and practical way to store your bicycles, and our DIY shed plans coach you through building your own to save you money. Our thoughtful shed designs elevate outdoor storage for sporting equipment with durable wooden construction. When you build your own bike shed from scratch, you give yourself the gift of space and protect your bike from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your hobby for years to come.

6x8 bike shed plan
6×8 Bike shed plan
4x6 bike shed plan
4×6 Bike shed plan


The Benefits of Building and Having a Bike Shed

There is no doubt that you will love having a bike shed because they have so many benefits to enjoy. But before you consider purchasing a pre-fabricated one, we want to show you why building one might be a better decision. 

Your Bike Shed Will Need Very Little Maintenance

When any type of shed is built well, very little maintenance is needed to keep it functional and looking its best. When you build your bike shed yourself using one of our shed plans, that’s exactly what you’ll find. You’ll save a lot of money on upkeep over the years and your shed will look new for years to come. 

A Bike Shed is Portable

If you don’t own your own home, the thought of building your own bike shed might not be as appealing to you. But when you build your shed using one of our plans, you’ll be able to move it with you regardless of where your travels take you. In fact, you can move it as little or as often as you wish. 

Your Bike Shed Will Protect Your Bikes From Theft

Bike theft is a big problem in cities big and small. Locking up your bike is a short-term fix, but it still leaves it vulnerable. With a bike shed, your bike can be locked up safe and sound. Imagine – no more leaving your home in the morning only to find that your bike was stolen the night before. 

Also, if you’re a parent, you’ll appreciate your kids having a place to keep their bikes locked up tight too. It’s a great way to teach children responsibility. 

Bike Sheds are Easy to Build With the Right Shed Plans

Even if you have never built anything before, you can build a bike shed with one of our shed plans. We break all of the steps down for you so that they are very easy to understand. We’ll give you proper measurements and list out all tools and materials. You even have access to a professional, if you have any questions. 

Keep Your Bike Out of the Way, Yet Easily Accessible

How often have you asked your kids to pick their bikes up out of your front or back yard? How often has your own bike gotten in your way simply because it didn’t have a place to be stored? A bike shed will keep your bikes out of the way, while making sure they are still easy to access. You’ll love the added organization. 

A Bike Shed Will Protect Your Bike From the Weather

When bikes repeatedly get caught in the rain, they are prone to rust and deteriorate. That can lead to a lot of bike purchases that might have been avoided if they had been stored in a bike shed. You’ll love the protection your family’s bikes will get from the weather. 

Why Put Off Building Your Own Bike Shed Any Longer?

Today is a great day to get started with building your own bike shed. Take a look at the plans we’ve listed above. Which one would be right for you and your family?