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Raised Garden Bed with Ladder Trellis Plans

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Build Your Own Raised Garden Bed

Everyone has a vision of their dream garden. Whether you desire to cultivate flowers, herbs, or vegetables, the perfect garden bed can help make your dream a reality.

This 3×6 raised garden bed is an excellent starting point for those new to gardening. It is compact enough to fit in even the smallest of gardens yet large enough to accommodate your favorite flowers and vegetables.

If you want to grow climbing plants, don’t worry! This garden bed has a center trellis resembling a stepladder to support the vines. You can plant herbs on one side, vegetables on the other, and trailing flowers beneath the trellis. The flowering vines cascading down the trellis will create a stunning focal point.

This garden bed is 11 inches tall, making it suitable for most plants. The bed exterior measures 6′ 3″ in length and 3′ 3″ in width, so be sure to level enough ground. Additionally, the garden bed needs a minimum vertical clearance of 4′ 10 ¼” for the trellis, ensuring the plants receive ample light.

When constructing your garden bed, choosing the highest quality wood you can afford is essential to ensure performance and longevity. Hardwoods are often the best choice because they have rot-resistant and pest-resistant properties.

In conclusion, this raised garden bed is ideal for new gardeners and homeowners looking to add color to their gardens with flowers and herbs.

3 Reasons to Build 3x6 Raised Garden Bed


Build Like a Pro

Clear instructions: we provide clear, step-by-step instructions for building your raised garden bed, making the process much easier to follow.


Design a Picture-Perfect Garden

Professional design: the plans are created by professional designers who have tested the design and made improvements over time.


No More Do-Overs

Time and cost savings: By following a pre-made plan, you can save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and rework.

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A nice set of plans to give us an idea… A nice set of plans to give us an idea of what it costs to build on site vs buying a prefab structure, and the quality differences between them. This set of plans is "bomb proof" according to my local lumberyard guy. 2x6 joists on 12" centers, compared to 2x4s on 24" centers for the prefab models. A real foundation, not just some 4x4 skids. It looks like a major amount of work, but the result could be a really nice garden shed sturdy enough to house our commercial-grade chipper as well as the big mower.
Getting my plans was so easy. Getting my plans was so easy, I picked the plan I wanted I paid for it I downloaded it instantly.
James Isbrandt
James Isbrandt
The price for plans is way too high The price for plans is way too high, but the plans are fairly decent. You DO have to know a little something about construction and adjustments of measurements, but for the most part, not too bad.
Excellent detail of materials list and… Excellent detail of materials list and constructions specifications
Rey davis
Rey davis
Excellent Excellent plans and customer support
Chad Davis
Chad Davis
Concise and Detailed The plans were concise and contained everything I needed. The images were extremely helpful as well as the cut list.
A little hard to follow in some places A little hard to follow in some places
A+++++++++++ A+++++++++++
John Turgeon
John Turgeon
The plans are missing a critical step The plans were missing a critical step, and my original message to Shedplans wasn't received. I received a message from them after posting my problem here, and they subsequently sent me the revised instructions. Very grateful for their follow-up. Now if lumber prices would just return to normal....
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